Ottawa Marriages by Marim

    Marim Moreland
    Humanist Officiant

    FAQ's - Your Wedding Your Way!

    How do you see yourselves on this special day?

    Throughout your emails, telephone call or face to face meetings, I will guide you through the process. We will instill your values and philosophies of life in the ceremony through your choices of unity ceremonies, readings, poems and the participation of family members and friends. Do you wish to honour departed family members?  We can start with sample draft ceremonies and the process evolves from there. The end result will be a ceremony which you can read through word for word and see how it unfolds. You will always have final approval over the end result. My organizational and listening skills (with humour) will ensure that you have the ceremony that you have envisioned.

    When should I book?
    Keeping in mind any legal and logistical requirements, the sooner the better. Depending on the time, day of the week and the month, you can be married today or tomorrow but usually weekend dates/times (Fri/Sat/Sun) are the most popular. I do book 6-12 months in advance, so it is best to book me as soon as you have booked your wedding venue.

    What are my fees?
    Fees vary from ceremony to ceremony. Aside from me solemnizing at your wedding, my fees include ceremony research, preparation and revisions; emails, phone and a personal meeting and submission of the signed documents to the Registrar of Ontario. I do offer a reduced rate for civil/elopement ceremonies as they require less preparation. Once I know what type of ceremony you are planning and whether you will require a rehearsal, I can offer a quote. I will require a 50% deposit to secure your ceremony date.

    In addition to the time invested to create and craft your ceremony, my fee often includes time/effort to lead your rehearsal, travel time to/from your venue and more. It also reflects time dedicated to arriving early on your wedding day to insure an easy, elegant and prompt ceremony start.

    Finally, my fee includes submitting your signed legal paperwork to the Province of Ontario Registrar.

    Can we write our own vows?
    Yes, by all means! You know best how you feel about each other. Be creative, get out there and express your love for each other to the world. I can help you get started if needed.

    Can family be a part of our ceremony?
    Certainly! Family and children add a very personal and heartfelt aspect to the ceremony. You may also want to honour a departed family during the ceremony. Let’s work together to incorporate them in this special day.

    How do we secure a marriage license on Ontario?
    For more information about marriage licenses in Ontario, see this link or contact me.